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Improving Body Mechanics and Performance

Maintain the optimal performance! The goal here is to be consistent with your treatments until you get to the level of muscular health where you come in for maintenance. To prevent chronic issues, nasty scar tissues build up and irritations from inflammation for you to get back out there and perform at your best!

Due to repetitive and aggressive movements, muscles tend to be stressed out which causes damage such as adhesion, scar tissues, and triggerpoints to occur... I'm here to focus on treating those areas to reduce as much stress as possible.

Lets overcome these physical challenges together make MUSCULAR MAINTENANCE an addition to your wellness goals!

Khemera Chean LMT

Hey everyone! I go by Kam! My focus here is Sports Massage and Clinic Massage using techniques in combination with assisted instruments such as.... cupping therapy, scraping therapy, vibration/percussive therapy and KT taping* I include assisted stretching mixing Sports and Thai stretching these added modalities are always an option please consider them for your conditions to get the best results!

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